Our Products

Offering professional and high-class abrasive materials for high-precision grinding of the automobile industry, ultra-wide band of the artificial board, the musical instrument industry, the metal industry, the circuit board, the electronics industry, etc.

Sanding Sponge Series

Mainly applied to surface finishing of furniture and plastic products, polishing of automobile paint touch-ups, surface treatment of corroded mental and plastic components.

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Abrasive Paper Belt Series

Mainly applied to grinding and polishing the paint finish in the industry of automobile, musical instrument, furniture, artware, woodwork, etc.

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Abrasive Cloth Belt Series

Mainly applied to thicknessing, sanding and wire drawing of the automobile parts, wooden furniture and so on in the common mental and woodwork industry.

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Polishing Wax Series

Mainly applied to bright and mirror polishing of instrument, furniture, acrylic, glass, metal and other products.


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Scouring Pad Series

Mainly applied to surface coated treatment of metal and carpentry, cleaning, polishing, rust removal, burring and maintain of the machine and decorative lines treatment of high quality.

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Sheet-fed Abrasive Paper Serie

Mainly applied to common grinding, deburring and polishing of different kind of mental furniture, boards, paint finish, molds, machine tools, automobiles, plastic artware and machine parts.

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Polishing Tool Series

Felt wheels, cotton wheels, foam buffing pads, polyurethane polishing pad, suede, damping cloth, etc.


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Other Series

Net sand, rubbing bricks, louvre blades, electrostatic cloth, etc.


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Imported Abrasive Materials of High Quality

Introducing advanced production equipments and imported abrasive materials of high quality. We kindly provide you with high-quality abrasive materials.

Strict Material Selection

Strict standard of material selection, the raw materials were imported only from Germany, Italy and Britain to guarantee the quality from the source.

Supreme Craftsmanship

Importing high-precision conversion equipment and setting down suited work flow according to particular requirements of each industry. We’re reaching the top level of the industry benchmark.

Professional Production Team

We have standardized work flow, strict test standard and experienced polishing and grinding materials research engineers to protect and ensure the quality of the product.

Optimize Solution & Reduce Cost

The professionals will help you optimizing your product solution and meeting your particular requirements. Besides, we’ll try our best to reduce the cost and fit the needs of the enterprise.

Full-blown After-Sale Service

Keeping customers satisfied and offering our best service are at the heart of the company’s customer-care philosophy. We’ll make great efforts to satisfy every customer during the shopping, using and after-sale service.

Free Design, Tutor & Training

Offering reasonable sanding process design, technical guidance, problem consulting, operator training and so on for free.


One-stop factory developing and manufacturing abrasive and polishing tools

According to the characteristics of different industries, we specifically wholesale and make various products to order, including sanding sponge, abrasive paper belts, abrasive cloth belts, sheet-fed sandpaper, random-orbit sander, louvre blades, fiber discs, cutting discs, polishing wax, etc.


2016 China (Shanghai) international musical instrument exhib

2016中国(上海)国际乐器展览会 时间:2016年10月26日-29日 展位...

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2016 German grinding technology exhibition (GrindTec


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